Welcome! Do Gooder Press is the home for Aaron Williams’ self-published works, blog of many things, and other projects in mediums from video to found art. Aaron is a cartoonist, writer, illustrator, t-shirt designer, and “anything else I can do to keep the house from being foreclosed on”-er who resides in Kansas City, Missouri with his loving and tolerant family.

The larger parts of this site include:

Ps238: Superheroes eventually want to start families, and so the need arose for a public school for their ultra-powerful kids. Ps238 was founded to help them train and learn what it means to wield unearthly power… except for Tyler. His parents are among the most powerful superheroes the planet has, yet he seems destined to be disappointingly normal. Sent to ps238 in the hopes that he’s a late bloomer, his adventures (and those of his classmates) have thrilled readers the world over.

Full Frontal Nerdity: Join four guys, usually around a gaming table, as they celebrate and dissect everything geekdom has to offer. From video games to movies to the latest version of D&D, Frank, Shawn, Lewis and Nelson find fault, find joy, and find that you really shouldn’t let Lewis roll for anything if a 1 spells disaster.

Nodwick: This is a comic about a hapless henchman and the adventurers who abuse him. Originally appearing in Dragon Magazine, Nodwick went on to star in his own web series and 36-issue comic book. The first published strips start here, and the self-published comic books start here.

Check the blog daily for interesting, funny, and occasionally useful stuff, as well as any news about the goings on around the studio. Thanks for stopping by!