I was totally blindsided by Daylight Saving Time, probably because this week is the wife’s Spring Break, so our only real alarm clock for the weekend has been our 2-year-old. This is probably how I skipped having a heart attack, I suppose.

To celebrate having one less hour to sleep, after the cut are two video clips that might make you think you’ve just come to after some vivid fever dreams.

Okay, first up, that Asian take-out was a tad too spicy last night, so your brain conjured up its own interpretation of what your biology was going through:

Then it turned to music, probably because your clock radio was going off and it needed to weave the notes into your dreamscape:

And as you woke up, your gray matter began a futile attempt to gather up everything you’d witnessed to make some kind of sense out of it:

We now return you to your regularly scheduled schedule.