– A breakthrough in Alzheimer’s treatment has resulted in a halt in the brain damage the disease causes in mice. That’s great news for several reasons, one of which is that we’re one step closer to having a race of disease-resistant super-mice that can save the rest of us from the robots and/or zombies.

– Here’s a series of really nifty images of musical instruments as seen from the inside. A few look like they’d make good models for parts of concert hall construction.

– HBO and a company called Bigpoint are going to develop a Game of Thrones online game (of Thrones!). Let’s get the obvious jokes out of the way:
• When you die, you have to start a new character.
• If you take the “short” drawback on your character, he has more sex than anyone else and is practically immortal.
• “Bastard” is a character class.
• Your own relatives will be the bosses you fight.
• At level 40 you gain a Hodor epic mount.
• Choosing the character name “Hot Pie” will be funny for about .34 seconds.
• It’s great that it’s an MMO, because it’s not like we’ll ever see the end of the series (rim-shot).

– This is currently my favorite flash game, and will be like crack to any word-smiths out there. Proke is a game where you want your little man to build and jump up a tower he’s making. He ascends when you successfully type words that begin with one syllable or end with another (your choice). Keep using the same syllable to make bonus combos.