Health troubles in my local familial region kept me from SDCC this year, but thankfully we have this run-down of 32 fairly big things that were announced/presented/spawned at SDCC 2014. Among them is Wonder Woman’s costume for her upcoming big-screen appearance.

On Twitter, I said it was worse than I’d hoped, better than what I’d expected. I’d hoped for more Greek Warrior armor-type stuff, but it also looks like they avoided making the outfit so revealing as to push the limits of even comic book practicality. I would like a bit more color, but I’m told that it could look bronzed-out due to lighting filters, so we’ll have to wait for more publicity stills.

The other interesting thing will be seeing how they do a kind of reverse-incorporation of the new Justice League members into the DCU movie continuity. We’re basically getting an Avengers movie before they released Thor with Wonder Woman, so I’m curious as to how well that’ll work out for both the team film and the (presumed) solo-heroine movie. I don’t expect more from Green Lantern, though.

And just because I’m a nitpicker, I’ve noticed a small continuity error in the upcoming Flash TV pilot. If you look at the photo in the above link, you can see he’s got the lightning bolts on his ears. I’m guessing they did that for his running effects, since they’re the source of yellow blurring near his head when he runs around. In the clips I’ve seen, he gets those before the guy who designed his suit (originally meant for fire fighting) decides a symbol is needed for our newly-created hero. This, of course, spells doom for the show and all who watch it. 🙂