EVE Online continues to be one of the most interesting and player-influenced MMOs out there, where tales of corporate sabotage and epic space battles abound. What’s seemingly incredible to those of us familiar with more scripted games is that the really big events in the game are brought about by player actions rather than developer-crafted plot arcs. Now, rather than reading about these events on forums or watching YouTube videos of the cosmic carnage, there’s an EVE: Online comic book in the works, taking its story cues from (if you’ll pardon the expression) real-life events. I’m assuming they’ll tone down the swearing and make the characters sound less like people using a chat client.

I will note that there still is a lot of player-chat flavor to the text, though I’ll admonish the editors for missing one grammatical error visible in the sample pages in the above link: If you agree with something someone is saying, the phrase is “hear, hear,” as in, “listen up ’cause the stuff being said is the cat’s pajamas.” It’s not “here, here,” which is perhaps what you cry when you want the waiter’s attention or you’d like the ball thrown to you. :)

Another sci-fi video game thingie I ran across was a game called Space Station 13. There are a few versions of this game which sound phenomenally wrong (which is par for the course as the Goons are involved in this as well), like someone crossed the Paranoia RPG with the worst aspects of being a redshirt on Star Trek. Rather than link to all the wikis involved, here’s a link to (slight language warning, TV Tropes warning) the TV Tropes page for Space Station 13. Just reading about the game’s elements makes me want to see a TV show based on this comically dystopian outpost. Or at least, the time needed to actually play a few rounds.