The Experiment by Travis the Geek
• The image above is titled “The Experiment,” and for fans of a certain movie-riffing TV show from cable TV of yore, the full image will send chills of SCIENCE! down your spine.

• Continuing with another artist’s work is the futuristic imagery of one Simon Stålenhag whose paintings combine images of rural life with sci-fi machines and constructs that you might first mistake for old photographs. I want the series of novels that these paintings should be the covers for. The flash game on the main menu there is pretty fun, too.

• This one’s a little old and probably falls under the category of “drivable sculpture,” but the world is a better place for having a car modified to look like the USS Defiant in it.

• Decorating for the holidays can be an art form if I have anything to say about it for the purposes of this posting, and video games are often considered art. With that in mind, here’s a Christmas Special mod for Fallout New Vegas, complete with embedded trailer.

• The whole of our universe could be an art project, as there appears to be evidence that everything is a hologram. It may be a fleeting exhibit as some calculate it could all collapse at any time.

• Getting back to art one could go see before the hologram is switched off, check out the button-images created by Augusto Esquivel. Click on any of the tabs marked with years to view his galleries of 3-dimensional forms created by the clever hanging of thousands of multicolored buttons.

• Finally, a statue (okay, toy, but it’s art) of a Power Ranger that’s probably closer to the average “heroic” physique I have than I’d care to admit. Still, I’d have a cool helmet, right?