For some, NRO is an online political magazine. It’s also the acronym for the agency in charge of the United States’ spy satellite program. They just launched a new eye in the sky, and as you can see to the left, it’s sponsored by Cthulhu. I am disappointed that they left off the wings and his body, but at least they got the whole “devouring the Earth” thing more or less correct.

Leaving aside whether or not one thinks their intel is being put to good use, you’d think they would’ve steered clear of the octopus being used in any government capacity as the octopus is often used as a symbol/cartoon for any insidious, far-reaching organization. Then there’s the often-octopoid Kraken, not to mention their seldom-talked-about propensity for stealing coconuts. I think their plan is to use them to trick people into evacuating beaches by making them think several regiments of mounted cavalry are approaching. Beyond that, our operatives have learned nothing about their plans, so remain vigilant. Hmm… maybe we do need more spy satellites to keep tabs on what those ink-squirters are up to. :)