mamboforbatsIt’s time to get cultured, so let’s see what the internet has provided in the various media available to humanity this time around:

• The Manga drawing style is brought to bear on re-imaging several classic characters from the world of film.

• And from the world of film (or rather, its props), someone will be able to bid loads of credits for Han Solo’s blaster from Star Wars. Note the language at the end of the listing:

“To our knowledge this is the only known example of this type of blaster in private hands.”

This means some military outfit has the rest of them and they aren’t sharing. >:(

• From the world of film we move to the world of art based on film and a collection of vintage-style prints based on famous movies and TV shows. I think every library needs the one from Evil Dead.

• Let’s call this one “artificial botany” and gander at this scientifically-produced pun font of festivity.

• In a similarly serious vein, we turn to the artful use of digital image manipulation and an alarmingly extensive amount of Photoshops of Wil Wheaton.

• Now we’ve got something from the metallurgical and ornamental realms in the form of earrings that double as a set of lockpicks.

• And even in the arts, it’s best to leave ‘em laughing, so we’ll close with this exhibit of “honest slogans” until a cabal of corporate lawyers lacking a sense of humor closes it down. Enjoy!