ironthroneThe throne to which I refer is George R.R. Martin’s original concept for the Iron Throne. The servant position for dusting that thing must have a high turnover rate, as would the backup servant whose job it is to clean up the blood from the first servant.


Are forces involved with Pacific Rim trying to sink the film? It seems there are plenty of studio politics running about with the various entities, so maybe? There’s also the question of how the movie will be received, so there’s that.

• At last, here’s the blog of images and other stuff related to the Commodore 64 you’ve been waiting for. You wouldn’t have been waiting so long if you had one of those fast-load cartridges, you know.

• Apropos of my previous posting, here’s another blogger’s look at weird fireworks. Like me, he came across a firework that uses art from the D&D campaign setting, “Ravenloft.”

• All those lovely slot machine sounds you hear in casinos? They’re probably trying to manipulate you. Those jerks!

• Some have called this “Inception Pong,” as Brick Brick SMASH gives you pong-within-pong. Each brick contains its own pong game. Break it and gain the balls from the brick still in play. It’s nice to see that Arkanoid didn’t use up all of the old break-bricks-with-balls ideas available.