randombutton Deadlines, swim lessons (not for me), and grilling all conspired to keep me off of the interwebs ’till a little while ago, where I gathered these:

• Ford has decided to replace test drivers with test robots. I would so love it if someone had programmed a Jeremy Clarkson voice pack for the robots so they could deliver their data in a condescending manner.

• Amazon has pulled its referral revenue-sharing program for Minnesota because the state wants them to pay sales taxes. Given the company’s creative ways of claiming they aren’t based anywhere taxable, in spite of having huge warehouses in places called “states,” I can see why they might be upset. Calling it “unconstitutional” is a bit much, though.

• If you’re concerned about the durability of your guinea pig, why not buy it some heavy armor? It needs the required skills and experience level before it can effectively use it. Also, if I remember the ones I’ve interacted with, the suit had better be rust proof.

• Reviewers of video games apparently declare something to be “the Citizen Kane of video games quite a bit, so they’re now collected in one handy place.

• And you thought your phone’s SMS service was slow: A message in a bottle was found almost a century after being thrown in the drink. A collector of bottles blames the glass vessel’s buoyancy on it immediately sinking, but the paper has the White Star Line letterhead…

• Let’s close with a video made of pure adrenaline. It’s a four-plus-minute long montage of action scenes from various movies set to a song by Motley Crüe. It’s all money shot, minus the plot. 🙂