hilda I’m really enjoying how Use Sword on Monster is coming along. I’m working on tonight’s page as we speak, and I think I’m enamored enough of the new cast members, Oz Silvestre and Hilda Krum, that I might have to give them some more “screen time” earlier on than I’d planned. So until that goes live tonight enjoy the following (along with anything else I happen to find):

• Bootleg of videos are usually amusing from a packaging standpoint. This Chinese knock-off of Breaking Bad looks wholesome enough for the entire family. I’m sure my kid will love it.

• Players of Minecraft are re-creating downtown Oakland in 10 days.

• And here I thought in this day and age of computerized records and technological wizardry, faking one’s death was a thing of the past. It turns out the practice is still going on in real life as well as in TV shows that are stuck for ideas.

• If I had a biology lab, this Lovecraft bestiary poster would have a place next to the ones containing real-world information. You know, to inspire those interested in genetic engineering.

• Tabletop gamers of a certain age will remember the evil, intelligent manta ray-like monsters called “Ixitxachitl.” This article goes into more detail about them, but I was just intrigued by the list of variant pronunciations at the start.

• Finally, here’s a look at the anatomy of a posting spambot. Apart from just getting to look under the hood, I’m thinking it’d be kind of neat to adapt the idea to computer games for semi-random incidental dialog so you get a little more variety other than lamentations about taking arrows to the knee.