For those who have never seen The Producers, the following tune is called “Springtime for Hitler.” That’s kind of secondary to the fact that this guy seems to have supernatural talent for operating a device with four keyboards, an infinite number of buttons, and more foot pedals than a first-time driver thinks are needed to operate a manual transmission:

It’s also a lot like what playing the old arcade game “Defender” seemed like if you’d only played “Space Invaders” up to that point. 🙂

Speaking of things supernatural:

• The cast of Supernatural released a “Harlem Shake” video that I found notable if only for the fact it’s the only one I’ve seen that includes a dancer in a body bag, so there you go.

• This is another story posted just for the headline: Tuna Recall Blamed On Seal. I leave it to you to decide if they mean the ones that can balance balls on their noses or the singer of the song, “A Kiss From A Rose.”

• File these away for your next fictional arctic/volcanic setting: Russia has some amazing ice caves.

• The new SimCity has had a very poor launch, and among its woes it can now include Amazon ceasing sales of digital download copies of the game. Some are holding out hope that the difficulties are just a part of the simulation, like Godzilla stomping your infrastructure. In better news, Age of Empires II will be on Steam soon.

• I’d want this on every portable device I’d ever own: This iPhone case sports a simulated bubble wrap feature.

• And now something that’ll have you exclaim, “Only six minutes?” It’s Everything Wrong With Twilight in Six Minutes. A bit like staking vampire fish in a barrel, but there you go.

• And here’s Splitman 2, a game where your heroic powers include using enemy saw blades to make more of yourself. Use these clones to solve each platforming level, and try not to feel bad about the fact you callously leave them behind.