In a bid to continue to stay relevant to modern audiences, Archie will feature a future where he marries one of the characters from Josie and the Pussycats. I haven’t read Archie in years, as many of the homes I visit no longer seem to have that stack of digest comics that were kind of the kid-version of National Geographic. Unlike other items that tended to multiply in a home, like coat hangers, Archie digests seemed to reach some kind of critical mass, the supply never becoming larger with new additions or smaller with any withdrawals.

While a previous issue featuring gay marriage might be considered edgy, interracial marriage just doesn’t seem all that unusual to me. Maybe because Arch is a ginger it’s considered extraordinary? To be honest, a more current-events storyline would consist of Archie being accused of “marrying up” for money/fame to a rock star, and the tale could kind of follow the lead of any number of real-life celebrity catastrophes (though with a more uplifting ending; this isn’t Funky Winkerbean, after all).