I don’t think I ever played with this, but I do recall wanting it (along with anything else Star Wars related):

It kind of reminds me of those old games I used to play on this big, clunky mainframe where my parents taught. The Star Wars game loaded on it was written in BASIC and pitted you, in the Millennium Falcon (represented by an MF), against four TIE Fighters (T1, T2, T3, and Bob, who went by the nickname T4). You could accelerate or fire each turn, as could your enemies. The hard thing for me to grasp (at the tender age when I played it) was how to interpret the X-axis “view” of the battlefield on one half of the screen (made up of periods and the ship representations) with the Y-axis was on the other. Acceleration commands required inputs for X, Y, and Z axis values, which were a tad beyond me, so I just fired a lot and hoped for the best.

You kids and your polygon graphic-pixels. At least acting in commercials hasn’t gotten much better. 🙂