commoncold I’ve said it before and I’ll likely say it again: My kid is trying to kill me through biological warfare. The really weird thing is I’ve got this decades-old immune system that’s survived more assaults than a Defense Department server, but what gives him the mild sniffles decides to wallop my organics like a ten-ton Hammer of Congestion +5. It was a nice week of not emptying Kleenex boxes at alarming rates. To make myself feel better, I turn to the internet where happier things are afoot:

• Afoot, indeed. If I were to say the next link is how to make amazing R2D2 high heels, you’d be wrong in thinking this was somehow a project for the weekend crafter or the inexperienced. Under the required tools, the first three include a MIG welder, soldering iron, and propane torch. Artoo is a droid after all…

• Next, here’s an art installation made from VHS tapes. I’d forgotten they came in colors other than basic black.

• If you’ve bought Skyrim, there’s a mod coming that basically turns it into an entirely new game.

• Prince George’s County school district is looking to copyright and own the output of its teachers and students. Don’t these people worry about being… well, evil?

• Okay, so maybe that last one wasn’t “happier.” How about a relaxing game called 400 Years? A great calamity is coming, you have only 4 centuries to stop it, and sometimes your problems can be overcome by waiting… a lot.