groundhogday Someone has come up with a compelling theory about (or rather, a new way to look at) the movie Groundhog Day. Though earlier drafts of the script involved a curse and (I think) some kind of deity messing with Bill Murray, a new concept has arisen: Groundhog Day was a video game where the player kept restarting so they could get the “good” ending to the game.

It makes a weird kind of sense, and can apply to other movies, though not as well. I mean, one could assume every movie where the character appears to die and “it was only a dream” that the same thing happened. Of course, this would probably mean that many horror movies (especially ones involving Freddy Krueger) are not only video games, but ones where the player(s) quit in frustration. I know I would if I got killed only to get killed again five seconds after reloading the thing. 🙂