randomposts • At least when the robot uprising takes place, you might still be able to get a pizza. If they’re still using their previous ad slogans, is that a “robot-robot?”

• Fans of the “Flippycat” domino videos have been mourning the passing of the titular kitty for a while, but a loaner cat steps in to be entranced by falling dominoes.

Game of Thrones as constructed in Minecraft, in an excruciating level of detail. Next, someone needs to tally the cost to have that 3D printed at Shapeways.

• Those disturbed by children dressing up as zombies will be glad to know that other kids can dress as The Walking Dead‘s Rick Grimes.

• And we close with a cover of a pop song that’s kind of odd to the eardrums, if you’re familiar with the original. Here’s Angus and Julia Stone doing a rather sedate version of “Tubthumping.”