Iron Man 3 was one of many films to give us a Superbowl-exclusive trailer. As it says on the tin, here’s an “extensive” look:

Well played, Mr. Stark. From Stark to Spock, we get a new Star Trek Into Darkness spot:

It seems more like Star Trek Out Of The Sky, but there you go. I could also see Cumberbatch’s character still being Sherlock Holmes, brought back from the dead and ready to take out everyone he deems less intelligent than he is.

And because it also showed off some new things, here’s The Lone Ranger:

Disney did buy out Lucasfilm, so I guess that’s Indy’s whip he’s using? I also get a distinct Shanghai Noon vibe from the Ranger-Tonto slapstick near the end. At least Tonto can rest easy in this version since he won’t be asked to go into town dressed like he is.