nohighfives The image to the left is from this interesting collection of King of the Hill animation/art directives. I also like the fact that animators had a “mouth chart” to memorize. And you thought that only happened in dentistry.

Here’s a few more things to behold:

• Zombies have evolved, as I suggested, into an undead vintage-art styled tarot deck.

• This Valentine’s Day, why not get a hand-made card for your favorite test subject?

• If your steampunk costume is someone involved in espionage, be sure not to forget your Victorian spy camera pocket watch.

• JJ Abrams needs to change his production company’s logo or he really isn’t serious about his work for Disney/Lucasfilm.

• And your Friday flash game is Evoland. This is the “classic” version (the final will be a full-blown 3D game) where you have to unlock abilities as you play, which appears to make the game itself progress from the era of monochrome green-screen into more respectable graphics-card territory. At least we got to skip the text adventure stage, right? 🙂