I just saw the Superbowl trailer for World War Z, and if you’ve seen previous trailers, you’ve probably seen most of this footage before:

I think this movie should help (if that’s the right word) to cement the need for zombie movies to do more than just be the equivalent of disaster movies where we get zombies instead of tidal waves, aliens, volcanoes, or asteroids. This film also doesn’t seem to follow the book’s format, which suggested to me that we’d be getting a kind of “Ken Burns presents World War Z,” or perhaps just a sequential telling of the stories in the novel minus the interviewer who gathered them (since that kind of gives away who’s not going to die in each tale).

So instead of Max Brooks’ tale of survival, ingenuity, and world-building around a zombie-infested planet, we’ll get zombie-piles around walls, I guess. On a personal note, I’m still wondering what’s up with Brad Pitt’s hair, which seems an odd look unless he’s taking up playing the lute or trying out for a more well-groomed Kurt Cobain motif.

The better zombie movies have had strong metaphors running through them or were new takes on the genre, as in Shaun of the Dead or Fido. Sure, they can still be used to scare or thrill, but we seem to be getting to the point where I think I might get more out of a round of Left 4 Dead than seeing the latest zombie movie. On the plus side, at least the undead don’t sparkle… yet.