Right now, my back is killing me, presumably to some kind of joint swelling, I’m running a fever high enough to sweat if I get up, I finally got my kid to embrace sleep as a sport for (hopefully) the next 10 hours or so, and my wife should be back home tomorrow in time to help me just keep the biological hazard called “the kitchen” from spilling into something the EPA would shake their heads at. Without going into detail, the following items have been put through the wash and/or been replaced in the past 36 hours, thanks to some kind of 24-hour bug my son brought home (and gave to me, though without the upset stomach he had):

• Three pairs of pajamas
• Three sets of sheets
• Two full outfits
• Two adult-sized hoodies and t-shirts
• Three blankets
• Four pillows and pillowcases

I now rate child medications not based on effectiveness but on how much they improve any accompanying materials when they make a second appearance. Thank you for letting me vent, and I offer the following as repayment for your generosity:

• If they ever remake Logan’s Run like they’re threatening to, this could replace the palm crystals in an amusing fashion.

• MLP fans and Doctor Who completists might want to pick up this comic book in December. I guess they couldn’t call him “Doctor Whooves” without getting into trouble, and when I looked him up on the wiki, I found he’d appeared in a clip that combined The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion with the pony franchise.

• TRON has come to GTA IV via modding. I bet you have to answer e-mails from Cousin Roman every ten seconds, though.

• This is probably a photoshop, but if light rail ever comes to my neck of the woods, I wouldn’t mind if the trains looked something like this.

• Remember when AT&T said it needed T-Mobile because it couldn’t expand it’s network without them (apart from leaked memos to the contrary)? I’m sure you’ll be as shocked as I was when you find out it was all a load of hooey.

• Nathan Fillion talks about an unfilmed episode of Firefly.

• The writer behind Toy Story III will be writing the next Star Wars movie. If it makes you cry, it won’t be in the same way Episode I did.

• Who doesn’t love Aardman sheep? Shaun and his wooly pals are back in Home Sheep Home 2: Lost Underground. Use each sheep’s abilities to navigate puzzle-filled levels and get them all to safety.