Yeah, it’s technically Caturday, but how can you not like Maddie the Coonhound, especially when she shows off costuming skills of such subtle perfection? The main page (currently) has other concepts for your enjoyment, so get ’em while it’s still October!

• If you can afford the finer things when it comes to your costume, you could use this as a start for your amalgam of Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes.

• You need food for your Halloween party, but someone else is bringing the Jello brain and you brought the deviled egg eyeballs last year. Why not try making ghost pizza? We’re not responsible for pizza spirits haunting you later, especially if you put too many peppers on it.

• And because nothing is scarier than lawyers, here’s a funny (unless this somehow winds up in a courtroom) tale about what happens when someone thinks a hashtag on Twitter is somehow legally immune from satirical/mocking/trolling use by others.