I’ve actually thought about doing this to my Civic. A streetsweeper sideswiped the same body panel (and no, I didn’t witness it, so I thought I couldn’t, in good conscience, report it to the city), but I have a feeling my wife might put the kibosh on any moves towards making my ’97 Honda into an “art car.”

• Worried about thieves breaking into your shed or garage? Install a Dalek.

• Minecraft is probably getting a new boss monster called “The Wither.” If they really wanted to scare players, the monster would tell you how many hours you’ve played thus far as it hovered over your corpse.

• Those plug-style earrings that are often the diameter of water pipe could lead one to abandon one’s previous collection of piercing jewelry. What to do? It’s a similar solution to when you’ve drilled too big a hole in a two-by-four: Just fill the gap with wood.

• The guy with the electric guitar is back to give us a metal version of the song “Gangnam Syle.” It was inevitable, really.

• I enjoy most of Hans Zimmer’s movie scores. I really dig his opulently appointed studio. It straddles the fine line between “cushy Victorian” and “bordello lounge” nicely, don’t you think?

• Just in case the writers are running out of ideas, an upcoming season of Doctor Who could have this incredible bike come blasting out of the TARDIS with the Doctor wielding his sonic screwdriver like a lance.

• Who knew the afterlife would require strategy? Practice for your own time in the netherworld with The Haunting of Magnolia Manor. Strategically place your ghost-self and use your limited supernatural powers to scare away all of the mortals invading your space.