The musicians of the group Justice have a new video that entertains with future fusion-sports, even if the music isn’t exactly your thing:

I’d actually watch ESPN if whatever that was happened to be on. 🙂

• A noise warning on this next clip. It’s a closer view of the San Diego fireworks misfire. It’s a bit of a Malcolm in the Middle moment when the lawn looks as bright as day.

• In the aftermath of the Marvel Now! launch, several titles, including The Fantastic Four, are being canceled.

• “Ask Reddit” has its users who work at fast food outlets inform us about what one item they’d avoid on their menus.

• The next Batman game to follow Arkham City to be a prequel set in the Silver Age. Dare we hope for some POW or ZOWIE?

• Here’s Lee-Lee’s Quest 2, the second in a series of platforming flash games from Adult Swim meant to pretty much lampoon video game tropes.