The amazingly fun comic book legal wonkery site, Law & The Multiverse, (Avengers spoilers ahoy) looks at Nick Fury’s refusal to carry out a direct order in The Avengers was legal or not. Frankly, I’m amazed that more such orders haven’t been given out every time something/someone trashes large swaths of the Marvel U version of the world. I suppose someone could have mentioned that few people know what would happen if a given mutant or metahuman meets with an untimely demise (perhaps something similar to Captain Atom in Kingdom Come?), so there’s that possibility, I suppose.

Still, most of the time, when Samuel L. Jackson is in charge, it’s usually in your best interests to listen to him if you want to live until the end credits. Well, I guess Pulp Fiction isn’t a great example, and Deep Blue Sea probably doesn’t inspire much confidence, either.

In a sort-of-related bit of news, National Geographic conducted a survey that reports, among other things, 2/3 of those surveyed think Obama is better suited to handle an alien invasion. I’m guessing the action figure with the light saber and a lot of photoshops suggesting he might be part Vulcan had an influence on the results.