This weather forecast might be just a little hyperbolic, but it does feel like there could be magma flowing nearby:

I’ve not tried the “baking cookies on one’s dashboard” experiment yet, though I do know something happens to carbonated drinks in plastic bottles that get left out in my hatchback for more than an hour or two. If one could imagine diet cola having even less flavor than before and carbonation that escapes in about half the time, that’s been pretty much my experience.

I’m just basically ready to not see the image to the left on my weather forecast. It’s there for the next five days at least, which probably means that if I do mow the grass, it’ll be more of a “preparing the deceased” activity as opposed to cultivating plants. It doesn’t help matters that the weather phenomena that’s (at least partly) to blame is referred to as an “Omega Block,” and needs either the seasons to change or a tropical storm to shift it. At least it’s not being caused by all the billboards the state of Missouri has; it’s bad enough the wind resistance on those is slowing down the Earth’s rotation, after all… 🙂