How completely YouTube-esque is this? It’s a video of a cat, “playing” a guitar, being interrupted by an earthquake:

It’s like everything came together and formed Voltron and Captain Planet for one brief moment.

What else, you ask?

• Here’s a trailer for something I’d forgotten about: The third D&D movie, The Book of Vile Darkness. I predict it’ll still be better than the first movie. So who’s going to write the adventure module based on the script?

• Post-apoc gamers who like their wasteland to have a Soviet flavor may like the upcoming Nuclear Union game, though I’m usually pretty bad at real-time strategy.

• Here’s some concept art for an unproduced Lego movie, which looks like Mad Max meets Thomas & Friends. Cool idea, but it’d really need George Carlin to make a cameo appearance, and our CGI tech isn’t good enough for that yet.

• Superman can be a pain sometimes. Just ask the Flash about it. It does point out how hard it is to write for speedsters in comics. I mean, if they experience life at “normal speed” for their brains no matter what they’re doing, then a 100 mile run for them contains the same amount of boredom as it would for anyone, even though to the non-speedy, it looks like it only took a minute and a half… right?

• Jalopnik shows how to turn old car parts into video game controllers. If nothing else, they cover some basic electronics stuff I wouldn’t have been aware of, beyond “don’t touch those two metal knobs on top of the car battery at the same time.”

• Get your clicking and puzzling glands going with Clickplay Quickfire 1, a game where you have to figure out how to reveal the “play” button on each level to advance.