Really, if you’re going to take over/destroy the world, isn’t that just a variant of Monopoly? Some enterprising board game enthusiasts think so, and they want to bring the Elder Gods into the real estate market simulator we all know and love. But with cultists. And probably sanity checks. This also seems to say that these Cyclopean Horrors are not immune from market manipulation. The sculpts alone are worth looking at (like the one of what’s-his-name, to the left); they’re really amazing.

In any case, I hope whoever is writing the Monopoly movie screenplay sees this and gives the premise a whirl. šŸ™‚

ā€¢ For those who were betting on how long it would take for the inevitable to happen with Diablo III, accounts are reportedly being hacked, sold, and so on. Y’know, the usual.

ā€¢ It’s kind of cool to think that not so long ago, people weren’t reporting that they’d seen spaceships from other worlds, but possible experimental airships. It may also be possible that Phil and Kaja Foglio have a time machine and enjoy messing with people.

ā€¢ Completists who want to experience all of Mark Hamill’s performances as The Joker will have to play DC Universe Online and buy an expansion called “The Last Laugh.”

ā€¢ And speaking of the DC Universe, DC Comics has announced that an established character will come through the New 52 reboot as a homosexual. Of course, “a previously existing character” could be anyone from Superman down to Bork, so I’m waiting to see if this is a well-known character that’ll have an interesting impact on things or one that nobody remembers who returns only when a comic wants to announce that “someone DIES in this issue!”