We start with a trailer for the previously mentioned Portal 2 Infinite Testing Initiative, complete with Cave Johnson voiceover:

In related news, scientists have claimed they’ve created a small crystal that works like a quantum computer. Said computer is so powerful (by whatever measure they’re using) that you’d need a contemporary silicon computer the size of the universe to match it. It’s just as well we have the crystal one. Crystals are cool and I barely have enough room to keep my stuff out of the rain as it is. Moving on:

• Life’s uncertain, so here’s dessert first: An amazingly detailed Minecraft cake.

• A video project finally answers the mystery of what a dog toy sees when played with by a pooch on the beach.

• Another animated Doctor Who gif for your collection.

• Disneyland Paris is rumored to be getting a new Star Wars land addition to the park. Perhaps this is what inspires a future Jean-Luc Picard to join Starfleet?

• Those who think there aren’t enough ASCII games on green screens will treasure Battle for ASCIIon. Pilot your keyboard-character ship in a side-scrolling arcade-level-difficult game to see how many things you can make explode.