Image from the quite amusing (though language might be not safe for work/small eyes) Message With A Bottle.

• Video games now have quite amazing vistas to display that would make some pretty great wallpapers for your computer desktop. This site has a ton of ’em for most popular titles, at least, ones with landscapes.

• A study suggests that some tinkering with game console firmware could save 1% of our household energy consumption. Anything to keep my XBox cooler.

• The movie How to Train Your Dragon has spawned a touring live show. Bleeding Cool has a bunch of videos, which should be shown to anyone else on Broadway that wants to adapt, say, a super-hero franchise to the stage.

• Another link about power generation. Here’s footage a prototype helium-filled airborne wind turbine. I’m thinking the potential for advertising on the side is pretty huge, as is the concept of making them look like part of the airship fleets that accompany Castle Wulfenbach in Girl Genius.