• How about some long-lasting music? First up, here’s Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights” stretched to 36 minutes, making it sound like something from “Music from the Hearts of Space.” It does make me wonder, if we speed up space music, will the result be pop tunes?

• This next one is also long, and arguably only for those with a nostalgic interest. With that in mind, here’s an hour and a half of Amiga video game music. The extended info has time index notes for specific tracks.

• The army has developed bomb-proof underwear. Thank goodness none of the bad guys in Fallout had these, or I’d be short an achievement.

• If you even have a passing interest in mechs, this PAX ’12 trailer for Hawken will be a few minutes well spent.

Masters of the Universe will be getting a reboot via DC Comics. It sounds almost like a JJ Abrams Star Trek-style reboot via timeline alteration. I can’t say I watched the whole series as a kid, but the only nods to any kinds of history I can remember involved telling how the Queen was actually a lost astronaut who crashed on Eternia and that Teela was actually the Sorceress’ daughter. Not that I’m a nerd or anything…

• And what little free time you have left can go to Fancy Pants Adventures World 3. Platforming, somersaulting, pants-a-fancy fun!