Sorry for the blackout; I was in a remote location somewhere in rural Missouri, and my parents’ getaway retreat didn’t come with internet installed. It came with neighbors who have an open network, but any serious attempts at surfing seemed to end with lots of 404’s, so I decided to wait until my eventual return.

Not that this helps. Today appears to be some kind of ancient disinformation holiday, so some or all of the following may be untrue. I leave it up to readers to determine which is which, bringing this post into accordance with the spirit of the season, right?

Minecraft creator “Notch” has unveiled a new sci-fi game, Mars Effect.

• I want to enroll in this guy’s school, just so I can vote for him.

• If only Fallout 3 had included a load of these capsules, they wouldn’t have needed Project: Purity or the GECK.

• Ever wonder what Mass Effect would have looked like as a 1980’s cartoon show?

• The full trailer for the new version of Total Recall can be seen on this page over here. They’ve totally flipped the premise of the Schwarzenegger film. I mean, in this version, it’s Quaid’s wife that has a funny accent.

• And here’s a round-up of all the major website pranks for 2012… or are they?