The makers of the original Wasteland game are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the long-overdue sequel to their post-apocalyptic precursor to Fallout. What’s even better is that if they can hit the $2.1 million mark in the next 17 days or so, Obsidian Entertainment will join in and help them make the game.

If anyone reading this actually hits the Mega Millions drawing (without being hit by lightning first), you owe it to mankind to toss some dough their way, okay?

To see what Obsidian can do, go play Fallout: New Vegas, and if you can, compare it to Fallout 3. Sure, they both have their flaws, but Obsidian was able to do so much more with the property than Bethesda did. Given that the Obsidian devs were denied any royalties on the game thanks to one Metacritic point, they’re probably ready to make something to win fans away from the Fallout franchise for the foreseeable future. Not that I don’t like Fallout. I just like the idea of competing post-apocalyptic games competing for my ill-spent “free time.”