Not a dream, not a “What If,” Marvel comics is sending The Punisher into space. It’s billed less as a story about Frank Castle visiting the ISS and more like elevating him to a Marvel-ized version of Mass Effect. Obviously, Frank is a Renegade in this tale. I do have to admit that my opening statement is a little misleading, since this is a separate continuity. Maybe they can work a crossover deal with whoever has the rights to Deep Space Nine and have The Punisher working as the hit man for Section 31.

And now, these things:

• Here’s some nifty Fallout-themed art for a CD cover. The artist has other New Vegas images in their archive.

• Webcartoonist decides to play the ‘Draw Something’ game using Batman for every clue.

• If this old optical telegraph wasn’t the inspiration for Terry Pratchett’s clax towers, I don’t know what was.