My wife bought me a few of those Cadbury Creme Egg things (which are great frozen, by the way) and I may have exceeded the single serving size, so here’s the results:

• I’m guessing that whatever sector of the economy creates something that deadens GPS transmitters will be the one that wants to make sure its stolen iPads aren’t placed near their stash of illegal drugs.

• Here’s a collection of unused storyboards from the live-action Akira movie that was recently shelved. If only there had been a comic book for them to use as a go-by…

• Some interesting graphs and even animated images of the tracking of the Japan tsunami debris plume as it moves out into the Pacific.

• As epic-looking as usual, this cinematic trailer for the EVE Fanfest shows off what it seems the recently rebooted Cylons would have been like if they’d combined the cybernetic and humaniform models.

• Mike Daisey recently duped This American Life (as well as those attending his one-man show) with made-up accounts of his visit to the Foxconn factory in China where iPads and a lot of other electronic brand-name gadgets are assembled. He was invited back to explain himself, and he was, shall we say, rather evasive about his reasoning behind his “enhancements” to his story. Now you can listen to all of his awkward silences in one go, thanks to the internet.

• Play Axon to discover the fast-paced arcade-like life of a budding neuron.

• And after you’re done with that, Pirates of the Stupid Seas awaits! Use your cannon to shred the sails of enemy ships, capture their stuff and… yarr?