First up, the good news is that Genndy Tartakovsky of Dexter’s Lab fame is directing a computer-animated feature about Dracula. The bad news is that Adam Sandler is involved, and he’s voicing Dracula. After seeing the trailer for Dark Shadows, I’m wondering if there’s a conspiracy afoot to completely un-cool vampires to prevent any more productions like Twilight for the foreseeable future.

The current incarnation of John Carter of Mars isn’t the first to see life on a screen, and a previous look at Burroughs’ ideas of life on the red planet appeared in a Disney show about the influence of Mars on our culture. It makes me wonder what the movie would have been like had it been handled by Pixar.

For those (like me) who’ve been seeing nothing of Val Kilmer lately except this captioned photo of his more, ah, filled-out physique might take a look at what he’s doing these days. I couldn’t find any footage of the production, but this YouTube video is credited to Mr. Kilmer, so maybe that’s him as Twain; I’m not sure. A feature film of the same name starring Kilmer as Twain is slated for 2013, so I guess he’s making a go of it.